International Wrapping Paper

Old Kempten Germany Map (1623) Vintage Bavaria Wrapping Paper – This is a vintage map of Kempten Germany originally produced in 1623. View on Zazzle
green wrapping paper – Get into the festive spirit with our charming Irish Day collection, the perfect companion for your St. Patrick's Day celebrations! Crafted with love and designed to spread joy. View on Zazzle
Hummingbirds and Clover Wrapping Paper Sheets – Wrapping paper for hummingbird lovers featuring a pattern of two hand-painted ruby-throated hummingbirds carrying leaves of clover. View on Zazzle
German Oktoberfest Wrapping Paper Set – This thematic graphics depicts food, clothes and objects associated with the wonderful country of Germany View on Zazzle
Vermeer - Lady Writing a Letter with her Maid Wrapping Paper – Lady Writing a Letter with her Maid - Johannes Vermeer, 1670 View on Zazzle
Irish Water Spaniel Painting - Original Dog Art Wrapping Paper – Irish Water Spaniel dog portrait, original painting. We specialize in cute and funny original art. Buy this for yourself or as a great gift... View on Zazzle
Johannes Vermeer - Woman in Blue Reading a Letter Wrapping Paper – Woman in Blue Reading a Letter - Johannes Vermeer, 1663-1664 View on Zazzle
Golfing Kuokkas Wrapping Paper – This fun, colorful wrapping paper features a pattern of the happiest animals, quokkas, enjoying the happiest sport, golf. It’s sure to bring a smile to any gift recipient for their special occasion. View on Zazzle
Green Celtic Knot Stone Mosaic Wrapping Paper – Perfect for Saint Patrick's Day, and all things Irish, a Celtic knot mosaic with a stone look. View on Zazzle
Van Gogh - Flower Beds in Holland Wrapping Paper – Flower Beds in Holland, popular painting by Vincent van Gogh View on Zazzle
Ipanema Rainbow Hypnotic Diamond Modern Pop Art Wrapping Paper – Gift Giving Package Wrap Wrapping Paper with Ipanema Rainbow Hypnotic Diamond Modern Pop Art Abstract illustration custom printed to order with original artwork design images by... View on Zazzle
William Morris Pack 6 Wrapping Paper Sheets – An assortment of William Morris prints. View on Zazzle
Fun Irish St Patricks Day Leprechaun Shamrock Luck Wrapping Paper – Elevate your St. Patrick's Day gifting with our fabulous Illustrated Wrapping Paper roll hand-drawn by Nathalie Portet. This delightful gift wrap features a playful mix of... View on Zazzle
Retro Animal Silhouettes Pattern Wrapping Paper – Animals | Retro, funny, colorful abstract animal silhouettes pattern. © and ® Bigstock® - All Rights Reserved. View on Zazzle
Akita Painting - Cute Original Dog Art Wrapping Paper – Akita dog portrait, original painting. We specialize in cute and funny original art. Buy this for yourself or as a great gift for your... View on Zazzle
German Flag, Eagle & Germany gifts /sports fans Wrapping Paper – Wrapping Paper: Germany & Eagle emblem - love my country and German flag for national patriots / sports fans (Deutschland) View on Zazzle
Christmas Kangaroo Wrapping Paper – watercolor painting of a kangaroo with a red winter hat in christmas style View on Zazzle
Green Plaid St. Patricks Day Wrapping Paper – This rustic green waffle plaid design It's great for spring and winter gift wrapping and creating. Fun for St. Patrick’s Day celebrations and other spring and summer wrapping. Design by Ms_Jade. View on Zazzle
Welcome To Brazil Wrapping Paper – A welcome to Brazil message above a cocktail glass. This design looks really effective on these Wrapping Paper View on Zazzle
Irish Wolfhound Dog Humor Wrapping Paper – Surprised expression on a gray Irish Wolfhound's face View on Zazzle
Vermeer - Girl Reading a Letter at an Open Window Wrapping Paper Sheets – Girl Reading a Letter at an Open Window / Young Woman Reading a Letter at an Open Window - Johannes Vermeer, 1657-1659 View on Zazzle
Blue Indigo Striped Wrapping Paper – Classic indigo blue in a bold large stripe pattern. Suitable for any time of the year as well as special occasions like birthdays and holidays. Great... View on Zazzle
Soft-Coated Wheaten Terrier Cute Dog Pattern Beige Wrapping Paper – Destei's original cartoon illustration of a cute Soft-coated Wheaten Terrier breed dog as a pattern on a light beige background color. The background color can be... View on Zazzle
Blue Ink Hearts on White - Vintage Dutch Style Wrapping Paper – Bringing the 18th century charm of cobalt blue on a tin-glazed white ceramic background, this design features intricate heart shapes. A fresh design with a traditional kitchen or bathroom influence. View on Zazzle
English Cottage Garden Floral Blue n White Pattern Wrapping Paper – WHITE BACKGROUND VERSION | Elegant English botanical floral illustration in a half drop repeat with blue and white design on crisp white background. This artwork... View on Zazzle
Blue and white sea coral allover pattern wrapping paper – This coastal theme print features an allover pattern of blue and white sea coral. Great for birthdays, pool parties and baby showers. View on Zazzle
Irish Wolfhounds With Ice Cream Soda Wrapping Paper – Irish Wolfhound dogs with ice cream soda in retro diner View on Zazzle
Japan Tokyo Vintage Japanese Travel Poster Wrapping Paper – Come to Tokyo travel poster, 1930s Vintage Japanese Advertising This beautiful Japanese Travel poster was created in the 1930s as an advertisement to entice the world to... View on Zazzle
Blue and white Octopus Wrapping Paper – Celebrate creatures of the sea with little blue and white octopus. Great for theme parties and gifts. View on Zazzle
Johannes Vermeer - The Geographer Wrapping Paper Sheets – The Geographer - Johannes Vermeer, 1668-1669 View on Zazzle
Dutch Delft Wrapping Paper – 30” x 6’ roll of glossy wrapping paper with images resembling ceramic, tin-glazed Delft Dutch tiles on blue. Delftware, or Delft pottery, denotes blue and white... View on Zazzle
Custom Named Happy Birthday Blue #26235C Wrapping Paper – Easily edit the template to your desired name. A beautifully rich, dark blue gift wrapping paper that matches our Dutch blue gift wrapping collection. This color... View on Zazzle
Big Red Lighthouse Painting - Original Art Wrapping Paper Sheets – Big Red Lighthouse portrait, original painting. We specialize in cute and funny original art. Buy this for yourself or as a great gift for... View on Zazzle
Nesting Dolls Wrapping Paper – Matreshka's patterns View on Zazzle
Elegant Chic Vintage Blue Rose Floral Wrapping Paper – Elegant and chic vintage-inspired seamless floral pattern featuring tone-on-tone blue roses, vines, foliage, and carnations on white background. View on Zazzle
Peace Wrapping Paper – Peace Wrapping Paper View on Zazzle