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Featured Valentine's Day Wrapping Paper

As Valentine's Day approaches, the art of gift-giving becomes even more special; this featured selection is here to add that extra touch of romance and charm to your presents. Featuring a range of designs from classic hearts and romantic reds to modern patterns and subtle pastels, these Valentine's Day wrapping papers cater to all styles and expressions of love. Whether you're wrapping a gift for a significant other, a dear friend, or someone you admire, our wrapping papers are the perfect way to encapsulate your heartfelt sentiments this Valentine's Day. Explore our collection and find the perfect wrap to dress up your thoughtful gifts, making this day of love truly unforgettable.

As a reminder, Valentine's Day is always celebrated on February 14th. In 2024, this sweet holiday will fall in the middle of the week, on Wednesday.

Stylish Gold Brush X O X Valentine's Day Pattern Wrapping Paper Sheets – Wrap your gifts up with your hugs and kisses with our style and trendy valentine's day wrapping paper sheets. Contains one red, blush pink, and white... View on Zazzle
Red & White Hearts Modern Love Valentine's Day Wrapping Paper Sheets – Red and white Valentine's day simple and modern design wrapping paper with minimalist typewriter simple custom text and personalized grunge red heart image. A gift wrap set... View on Zazzle
Valentine's Day Hearts and Photo Postage Wrapping Wrapping Paper – Personalize this adorable Valentine's Day wrapping paper with 3 of your own photos. The design features heart stamps, and postage style photo templates on a kraft paper like background. View on Zazzle
Pink & White Love Hearts Valentine's Day Wrapping Paper – Pink & White Love Hearts Valentine's Day Wrapping Paper. View on Zazzle
Red + Pink Hearts Pattern w/ Name Valentine's Day Wrapping Paper – Add a special custom touch to your Valentine's Day gift with this red and pink heart pattern wrapping paper. Add a first name for a personalized... View on Zazzle
Special Delivery Valentine Hearts Watercolor Truck Wrapping Paper Sheets – Wrap your special Valentine's Day gifts with our super fun, and cute special delivery valentine hearts wrapping paper sheets. Set contains three different coordinating Valentine's day... View on Zazzle
Hearts and sprinkles pink navy Valentine's Day Wrapping Paper Sheets – Celebrate love with this sweet wrapping paper set! With a Valentine's theme of pink, purple and red hearts and sprinkles, this wrapping paper also works well for birthdays and other sweet celebrations! View on Zazzle
Valentine red white xo hearts love pattern wrapping paper – Valentine red white xo hearts love pattern with bold brush script. View on Zazzle

More Featured Gift Wrap

Ikat Chevron: Ethnic Elegance Wrapping Paper – Ethnic ikat chevron pattern background Traditional pattern on the fabric in Indonesia and other Asian countries Asian Ikat Intrigue. Traditional ikat chevron pattern from Indonesia and Asia.... View on Zazzle
Penguin Chevron Wrapping Paper – These adorable black and white penguins are sure to bring a smile to any gift recipient for their special occasion. View on Zazzle
Happy Kwanzaa Wrapping Paper Sheets – Tribal African Pattern Humps and Lines View on Zazzle
Black Gold Celestial Sun & Moon Zodiac Eye Wrapping Paper Sheets – A beautiful black and gold celestial eye sun and moon zodiac constellations pattern. This celestial astronomy themed design is ideal for anyone who is interested in... View on Zazzle
Moss-tache Funny Moustace Pun Dark BG Wrapping Paper – Moss-tache Funny Moustace Pun features a cute little rock sporting a cute moss moustache. Perfect pun gift for family and friends who love cute mossy puns. View on Zazzle
Birthday orange brown rust name wrapping paper sheets – Elegant, trendy party wrapping paper sheets. 2 sheets in burnt orange, and one brown, rusty background, white text. Personalize and add a name and age. View on Zazzle
Vela Supernova Remnant Wrapping Paper – Vela Supernova Remnant Credit: CTIO/NOIRLab/DOE/NSF/AURA Image Processing: T.A. Rector (University of Alaska Anchorage/NSF’s NOIRLab), M. Zamani & D. de Martin (NSF’s NOIRLab) View on Zazzle
Congratulations hot pink white birthday girl wrapping paper sheets – A trendy, party wrapping paper sheets. 2 sheets with hot pink background, white text. One sheet with white background, pink text. Text: Congratulations! View on Zazzle
St Patrick's Day Leprechaun Hat Shamrock Flag Gold Wrapping Paper Sheets – Happy St Patrick's Day! St Patrick's Day is all about Ireland, leprechauns, green clover, and of course the luck of the Irish. Our St Patrick's Day... View on Zazzle
Chevron Pattern Design Wrapping Paper – Beautiful Chevron Seamless Pattern design. View on Zazzle
Blue Peacock Motif Happy Mother's Day Wrapping Paper – Blue peacock motif (Bandhani pattern) with the words Happy Mother's Day Wrapping Paper - Mother's Day celebration, gift View on Zazzle
Custom Photo We Love You Mom Green Mother's Day Wrapping Paper – This custom mother's day gift wrapping paper features a sweet and sentimental photograph design on a sage green background. The phrase "we love you mom" is... View on Zazzle
Black Lives Matter rainbow gay pride lgbt lgbtq Wrapping Paper – Black Lives Matter rainbow gay pride lgbt lgbtq pattern gift Wrapping Paper View on Zazzle
Modern Chevron Stripes Red Green Xmas Wrapping Paper – This modern, wide, chevron stripe is in red and green, with a thin white line separating the big stripes. View on Zazzle
Blessed and Bearded Wrapping Paper – Blessed and Bearded - Full beard and mustache with closed eyes. View on Zazzle
Birthday burgundy silver name elegant wrapping paper – Elegant, classic, glamorous and feminine style party wrapping paper. A burgundy background decorated with faux silver confetti Personalize and add a name and age. View on Zazzle