Brood X Periodical Cicada Emergence 2021 Gift Wraps

The cicadas are coming! The cicadas are coming! Nymphs from the largest cohort of periodical cicadas in the United States, known as Brood X, will emerge across 15 Midwestern and Eastern states this spring. As they grow and gather to breed, they'll be making a lot of noise, and everyone will be talking about them! This event only happens every 17 years, as these are 17-year cicadas! If you're giving gifts this summer season, use a memorable wrapping paper that features these amazing insects. Here are a few cicada wrapping paper options.

Vintage Cicadas Illustration Wrapping Paper – A modified version of an illustration from Insecta. Rhynchota. Hemiptera-Homoptera . Volume I (1881-1905) by W. L. Distant and W. W. Fowler View on Zazzle
Cicadas: Superfamily Cicadoidea Wrapping Paper – Cicadas: Superfamily Cicadidae There are more than 200 Australian species of cicadas, most of which belong to the one large family, the Cicadidae. They are the sound... View on Zazzle
Cute Black Cicada Wrapping Paper – This features a cute clinging cicada. These insects are known for their unusually long life cycles. Some species remain in the ground feeding roots for 17 years before they reach maturity. View on Zazzle
cicadas brood x emergence wrapping paper – Cicada bug Brood X coming this spring!! View on Zazzle

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